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Serb Fest returned in 2004 and ultimately proved to be everything it was anticipated to be for the 12 months leading up to it. So much came together during the year including the advent of this website and more importantly, the "Fire & Ice Extravaganza" documentary that was officially released the night of Turkey Run Eve. For the second straight year, we once again, drastically increased our numbers in attendance, bringing the total to 12 attendees. This of course yeilded an incredible 5 orders of cevapcici and approximately 13 cases of beer. Despite a few hang-ups to start the weekend, most notably, forgetting $80 worth of tomatoes at Jovan's house, we were able to regroup and replace the tomatoes at a "farmer's market" type stand along the side of Highway 41 just outside Marshall, IN. The equivalent number of tomatoes coincidently only cost $28 the second time around.

Who could possibly think of Turkey Run 2004 without feeling blessed to have spent the weekend with some old familiar faces, including Cica Bora, Teta Cica, Cica Daca, & Teta Lela. We were truly in the midst of legends and their presence meant that much more after having missed them in 2003. We were also thrilled to have Crazy Dan Boskovic back this year after his absence in 2003 as well. The atmosphere is electric when he enters the scene, especially with an indian head-dress.

TR '04 only solidified the claim that Memorial Day weekend is in fact the most anticiapated weekend of the year!

Attendees :: Nickname ::
Trip #
Memorable Moment ::
John Zelenkovich Jovan
18 (19)
Took a hard spill after planting his muddy palms on the back of Scott's beater. Introduced the "Fire & Ice" grill/cooler.  
Scott Berger
8 (9)
Managed to prepare the finest chicken breasts anyone had ever experienced.  
5 (6)
Jeff Berger Krangis
4 (5)
Once again captured the weekend on film.
Brian Kelley Big Shit
4 (5)
Jeff Heitzman Nutz
3 (4) *
Brian Crissie CR
3 (5)
Opted to not wear a shirt a majority of the weekend.
Charlie Ruiz Chuckles (Sorry)
Saved a child's life on Sugar Creek
Chuck Leto Chuck The Truck
Arpan Desai  
Assisting Cica Bora at the grill, Introduced a new bratwurst grilling technique.  
Vince Kus  
"Dr. Phil"; Fell asleep on the wall. ; Saved 2 drowning children; Recieved a ticket on the drive home at a toll booth.  
XX (YY) :: XX Indicates # of trips to Serb Fest, YY Indicates total # of trips to Turkey Run
* Indicates a Demerit that has resulted in -1 Trips
Memorable Quotes ::
[In response to the cevapcici order] "Is this for a church function or something?" - DSD
"Did we just buy a cooler full of tomatoes?" - Jovan
"Jovan, we forgot all the tomatoes in your refridgerator!" - Scott
[In response to the 2nd tomato purchase] "Is this for a church function or something?" - Tomato Cashier
"If it doesn't fit, I'll just stick my nose in it" - Vince
"I'll make him give her a dead horse... That's my quote." - Vince
"Okay Giggles (I'm REALLY sorry)" - Scott
"Oh My God!! This cevapcici looks so good I'm gonna cry!" - Unknown (Can anyone own up to this?)
2004 Awards ::
John Zelenkovich Most Improved   Despite packing 4 coolers full of beer, he clearly learned his lesson of a year ago regarding the 15 mile kayak trip.  
Arpan Desai Rookie Of The Year
Arpan Desai Record Setting Distance Traveled for Rookie Trip to Turkey Run
Traveled 866 miles from Raleigh, NC
Vince Kus Cevapcici Consumption Award
Consumed 20 in a single sitting.  
Vince Kus Intellectual Of The Year
For his insigntful comments throughout the weekend despite his sometimes inebriated state of mind.  


The beer supply was dominated this year by Old Style. In addition to the token 30 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon, other staples such as High Life, Lite, Corona, & MGD also filled the coolers. As usual, upon arrival, the annual wife beater group photo was taken. With 12 men, we were nearly forced to break into two rows to all fit in the photo.  


Not having barely begun the hike, XX already feels the need to taunt the jagged cliffs of Turkey Run seemingly daring them to try to take his life as they almost did during his last trip in 1999. To the right, most of the group takes a break after coming down a steep hill mid-hike.  
Scott & Jovan's beaters tell the story of the hike as they head back to fire up the grill. Cheif Boskovic solutes with his Miller High Life as he floats down Sugar Creek.  
Jovan floats contently down Sugar Creek along with BS & Crazy Dan as Chuck the Truck works to keep up... OLAF acknowledges the camera while fisting several beers.  
Arpan lends a hand to a legend behind the grill. Later that night he shares a moment with the indian head dress and Crazy Dan.  
Scott stops for a photo with Cika Bora as he anticipates the next round of chicken to come off the grill. Cika Daca and Teta Lela clutch their red solo cups as they wait patiently for the food to be ready.  
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