6.06.09 :: "The Tao of Turkey Run"
Prior to his return to TR 09, Charlie Ruiz authored one of the most inspiring pieces of writing to ever come out of our generation. Titled, "The TAO of Turkey Run", this piece answers the questions, "What does Turkey Run mean to me?" and "Why should you come to Turkey Run?" Do yourself a favor and be inspired by his words and perhaps you will find yourself being the 2011 recipient of the Golden Cevapcici Award.

6.06.09 :: Code of Ethics Version 3.0 is Released
For the first time since June 2004, the TR Code of Ethics have been revamped and re-released in it what is the 3rd version of the list. Several items have remained unchanged, but several have been added to reflect the nature of today's Serb Fest festivities & culture. Let this new Code be a guide for all of us to live by (in the context of Turkey Run and related activities).

5.25.09 :: Another Decade of Serb Fest Comes to a Close - Chuckles Takes Home the 2009 Golden Cevapcici Award!
Much to the pleasant surprise of many, Turkey Run 2009 turned out to be the largest Serb Fest in over a decade, if not longer! With approximately 40 people in attendance, there were people, coolers, and lawn chairs for what seemed like as far as the eye could see! It was a sight one might imagine you'd find in Serb Fest's "heyday" when as many as 20 families gathered 'round the grills of Turkey Run! Let this be the sign of an upward trend in attendance and the continued growth of a new generation at TR.

While Monday was slightly dampered by the falling rain, it didn't stop the presentation of the 2009 Golden Cevapcici Award to Charlie "Chuckles" Ruiz who was heralded as having displayed countless instances of Teamwork not only at TR 09, but in each of his past Serb Fest attendances. He was also recognized for his being living proof that the Spirit of Turkey Run does not begin and end on Memorial Day Weekend, but is something that should live with you each and every day of the year. We congratulate Chuckles on his well deserved achievement!

5.15.09 :: Stevanovic Family Photos Reveal an Interesting Fact Previously Known Only to Few...

A big thank you is in order for Monica who took the time to dig up some old family photos this week. We now officially have archived photos of TR 87 and TR 93, both of which previously were without photographic evidence. While the following fact could have been easily verified at some point over the last 10 years, these photos served as a correction to a long standing assumption among most of our generation.

For many years, it was assumed that the first known non-Serbian attendee of our generation at Serb Fest was none other than Jeff Bott, once recollected by Jovan as having first attended in 1996, but later disproved by the only known photo of Mr. Bott surfacing, which dates back to TR 1994. What we've now been able to confirm is not only that Emma was also in attendance at TR 1994, as we see a new photo that sits in sequence with the Bott photo (notice the same Serbian rummaging through the cooler on the picnic table). A photo from TR 1993 showing Emma sitting at a table reveals that she was in fact the first non-Serbian friend of either Jovan or Monica to attend Serb Fest!

On a related note, TR Online received word recently that Emma has a conflict in plans for TR 09. I have to urge those who are closest to her to remind her of the Spirit of Turkey Run and how important it is for her to at least make an abbreviated appearance!

TR 1993
TR 1994
TR 1994

5.07.09 :: Turn Back The Clock: A Look Back at TR 99 - Ten Years Later


TR 1999 remains perhaps the most infamous of Serb Fests of all time! With several near-death experiences through-out the weekend, so much of what we know Turkey Run to be today began this very weekend. A small group of men, still years away from being able to legally drink piled into the Zelenkovich Family Van for the trek down to Marshall, Indiana at a time when the drive was measured simply by the amount of time it took to watch "Back to the Future" & "Top Gun" back-to-back.

Take a look back and appreciate some of the humble beginnings of our generation at Serb Fest!

TR 99 - Ten Years Later

5.02.09 :: Predrag & Mila Zelenkovich (Mr. & Mrs. Z) to Attend Serb Fest 2009!
I've just received word from Jovan that his parents have indeed confirmed their attendance for TR 09! This will be their first trip to Serb Fest since 2006 and only their second return trip to TR since parting ways with TR in 2002 (at least on an annual basis). We hear that Mila is looking forward to a canoe trip on Sugar Creek with Monica's Mom - which looks like we officially have confirmed attendance of another TR Hall of Famer!

4.05.09 :: Yep, Just a Glorified Barbeque...
Spring is officially upon us! We've all surely been dreaming of the sizzling sound of the grills at Turkey Run all winter. Most of us are intimately familiar with the menu items we all consume each year at TR, but I've taken some time to break down the menu on the website to give perspective attendees yet another tool to get familar with what Serb Fest has to offer! Check out what you can expect to eat this year at Serb Fest HERE.

3.21.09 :: OLAF (or... his lovely wife Julie) Delivers the First Male of the Next Generation!
On March 21st, OLAF and Julie welcomed Baby Jack into their family and on May 23rd, we will officially welcome him into the TR Family! This birth is of notable significance as it is the first newborn male of his generation to be introduced to Turkey Run! I'm sure I speak for Jovan, OLAF, and all other Councilmen, and General Participants that we all look forward to seeing you grow up around the grills of Turkey Run and embrace the legend and tradition to help carry the torch in decades to come! Son, remember... it will one day be up to you and your peers to make the very important decision on whether or not to induct your father and those of his generation into the greatly respected Turkey Run Hall of Fame. We hope to make you proud, just the same as you'll make us! Ziveli!

2.13.09 :: Ask and You Shall Receive...
Friday night we received a report from a reliable source (Dave Roemer) that Erich Mann, known to many simply as, Ich, intends on accepting the formal invitation extended to him several weeks ago to attend TR 09. We're anticipating him making the trip with Dave & Bry Saturday morning. As many of you know, Ich has been on a list of potential attendees for the better part of the last decade and in December, 2008, he made claims that he has indeed had interest in attending but felt he had never formally been invited. In discovering this, Scott took swift action and finally extended the official invite via email. We're sure that everyone who's known Ich for the past decade (and beyond) will be excited to see his attendance finally materialize!

1.26.09 :: Another Pre-Serb Fest Season is upon us!
Ladies & Gentlemen... As these cold winter days pass us by, we find quickly approaching the next chapter of Serb Fest history! It brings me great joy to begin rolling out the TR Online Preview of Serb Fest 2009. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks to find updates on schedules, attendance lists, & shopping duties. Let the anticipation of the burning fires on the grills of Turkey Run keep your spirits warm during this especially frigid winter!

12.25.08 :: Chrismas Greetings From Dan Boskovic!


9.12.08 :: Serb Fest Hits Wikipedia!

On a whim today, Serb Fest made it's mark on the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. The first contribution made was part of the "Turkey Run State Park" entry. This quickly led to a dedicated entry being made for Serb Fest.

Remember, technically, any of us could edit the content on the Serb Fest Wikipedia entry. So if you're so inclined, feel free to add to the content. However, keep in mind that it should be objectively presented as if someone who knows nothing of our sacred weekend could follow along.

The entry actually seems somewhat legitimate until you get to the last line of the 2nd paragraph where the Serbian Flag being secured by an old tree branch and duct tape is referenced!

6.14.08 :: A Sad Day For Serb Fest
I trust that most have heard the news by now - so I'm somewhat comfortable making mention here at this time.... Last Sunday, our friend and beloved Turkey Run Hall of Famer, Cika Bora passed away. He was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer this past Spring. For those of us who were honored and lucky enough to have shared even one Serb Fest with him, he will forever be missed and for those past and future attendees who did not or will not have the opportunity to meet him, rest assured that he will be spoken of often and his memory will live on indefinitely. My deepest condolences go out to the Boskovic Family and the entire Serb Fest Family - especially to those who were closest to him.

5.28.08 :: Visions of Serb Fest Past at '08
While only one Hall of Famer made an appearance at TR 08, if you took a look around this year, you would have found quite a few moments that resembled great Serb Fest moments of years past making this year one to remember!

5.10.08 :: Shopping Assignments to be Distributed Shortly
As the logistics of our annual festivities continue to evolve - let me unveil this year's "strategy" for the providing of food & supplies to TR this year.

Click HERE for additional information.

5.09.08 :: Serb Fest Collection - Volume I Released!

The newest audio release from TR Online is now available! Serb Fest Collection- Volume I contains 13 Song Selections Inspired By The Spirit Of Turkey Run! The Collection is heavily influenced by Southern Rock & Bluegrass favorites that we've come to associate so closely with TR. Download the tracks and gear up for a high energy drive to TR!

5.08.08 :: Audio Downloads Now Availabe on TR Online!
In the age of mp3's & iPods and the ever decreasing use of CD's - I thought it was appropriate to forge ahead and make all past (and of course, future) TR Audio Releases available for download on TR Online! Now you can have all of your favorite TR songs on your mp3 player of choice for year round listening pleasure - or at least for your car ride down to TR this year! Click HERE for available audio downloads.

4.23.08 :: TR 2008 Schedule of Events Released
This year's schedule has been officially posted! View it HERE. Stay tuned for more updates as further logistics of departure locations and transportation arrangements are settled. One related note of interest: The past 2 years, we have grown accustomed to reserving rooms for the TR of 2 years in the future - However, this year, due to the layout of the calendar, we will be able to reserve rooms upon arrival to Turkey Run.

All TR 2009 Expected attendees are to reserve rooms for TR 2010 upon arrival. (TR 10 begins on 5/28/10). This will involve reserving a room for nearly a full week prior to the start of TR 10, but sometime between this day and 5/26/2010, you can cancel the 4-5 days prior to the 28th. This will be further explained prior to making any reservations for anyone who doesn't understand the concept.

4.22.08 :: New Attendee Confirmation!
It brings me great pleasure to formally welcome and introduce new attendees for TR 2008, Mike & Amy Z! Amy is a childhood friend and neighbor of Julie Berger and today, with her husband Mike, are still close neighbors to Scott & Julie in Naperville. The invitation was casually extended over the winter, but a formal invitation was extended a few short weeks ago. A viewing of the Fire & Ice Special Edition documentary sealed the deal. Mike is sure to be a fierce contender for this year's Rookie of the Year honors!

4.10.08 :: Frequently Asked Questions
With so many new attendees potentially headed to TR this year, I thought it'd be appropriate to revamp the FAQ page a bit... For those of you who are new, please read through them and of course, if you have any additional questions, pleae do not hesitate to pass them along - scottberger1@hotmail.com. I will add them to the FAQ page. Also, if any of you veterans can think of any additional questions your recruits may be having, send those along as well and we'll get them on the website... THANKS!

2.02.08 :: Record Attendance Rumored for TR08!
It's February... which means it's time to really get serious about gearing up for the upcoming festivities! I know it's turned into a bit of a cliche to point out the high anticipation of the weekend... but this year, I can honestly say that I've seen the anticipation on it's way to being the highest ever! We seem to be on track to set a new Fire & Ice attendance record including the potential highest jump in attendance since TR 2003! There's been early & serious interest shown by as many as 15 potential attendees with as many as 6 new faces! Competition for this years Rookie of the Year honors will be fierce!

1.07.08 :: Serb Fest & Facebook Unite!
Thanks to Chuckles to suggesting that we start up a Facebook Group for Serb Fest! While there have been some efforts for online interaction between current and past Serb Fest attendees through the TR Message Board, its use has been less than impressive... With the birth of the new Facebook Group, users can not only have discussions on TR related topics, but can also upload photos, videos, and other general comments they'd like to share with the group!

For those of you who have not yet registered with Facebook, what are you waiting for? If you choose not to maintain an in depth personal profile, that's okay! Simply register just to subscribe to the group! Yes... I'm talking to you - OLAF, BS, Rishi, Arpan, and any other past attendees!

5.29.07 :: Beer & Bags Dominate TR 07
It was another great year of evolution and great memories despite the usual heavy rainfall and unusual swarms of knats. While some were missed, those of us in attendance made great contributions to the weekend and surely once again, redefined what future Turkey Runs will behold. A great thanks to all who attended for making it another fantastic weekend. The annual recap page will be online in the near future as well as everyone's tabs for the weekend.

For now, have a look at this year's annual Beater Photo!

5.04.07 :: TR 07 Logistics To Soon Be Determined
Jovan has dropped his Friday afternoon class... I've chosen to believe that he did this solely on account of Turkey Run scheduling! Whatever the reason may be, he will be joining the Friday caravan. On another note though, it seems Nutz will be joining us on Saturday due to a business trip that has him overseas until the weekend of TR. We will all wait patiently in anticipation of his arrival!

Details are still being worked out in regards to logistics on shopping and point of departure on Friday. There may be 2 points of departure - one in the city & one in the suburbs - depending on if we can arrange for the transfer of coolers to each perspective departure locations. This may prove to be the trickiest year yet in terms of packing and transportation. Stay tuned for more details to be posted as they are available.

Other quick notes of interest: Jovan's parents are out; Joe & Rachel Kelley have declined; and Vince Kus has continued to show interest in attending. Also, a big thanks to Dave Roemer for his proactive nature in offering to provide all of the Burgers, Hot Dogs, & Cheddarwursts we'd like. I've advised him on numbers and look forward to some of the new additions to the menu this year!

4.07.07 :: TR 07 Tentative Schedule Released
This will once again be a year of change in terms of when and from where some of us we depart for TR. For those of us flying in for TR, now's certainly the time to book that airfare! And remember, make sure your return flight doesn't depart too early on Monday! For an in depth preview of what to expect for TR 07 click here. The 2007 Schedule of Events is now available but is subject to some fine tuning. Major events listed should be reliable. As always, please contact Jovan & I with your plans for departure as well as vehicle availability!

3.10.07 :: Will Vince Kus Return to TR in 2007?

In a text message from Vince Kus to XX on the evening of March 10, Vince inquired... "Has there been a summoning by the TR High Council for the return of Kussenegger at TR 07?"  

I take this inquiry with a grain of salt as I am not confident that a "summoning" would result in actual attendence, but at the very least, it has my interest peaked.


10.10.06 :: Crisis Averted!
As we all know, since TR 2005, we've been facing the dilemma of not having any rooms booked for 2 of 3 nights of TR 2007.... Well, worry no more! I'm pleased to announce that I have secured a total of 6 rooms for all 3 nights! These include 2 Non-Smoking Cabin rooms, 1 Smoking Cabin room, and 3 (single bed) rooms at the Inn. Because we were only extending our previous reserveration by 2 days, no additional deposit was necessary! Let this be a lesson learned for future TR's.... Watch the calendar closely! (I'll still do my best to send threatening remniders each year - remember - going forward, we all book our own reservations for future TR's) I also recently had the pleasure of having a discussion with CR over several $1.50 PBR's which included the first real anticipation of TR '07. CR enthusiastically informed me of his sincere efforts to persuade his Father to grant us use of his RV next May.... We'll keep a close eye on this!

6.16.06 :: TR 2006 Recap
A recap of TR 2006 is now available! Thanks to everyone who made Serb Fest a success once again! Take a moment to relive TR 06 and don't hesitate to pass along any additional quotes or memories that should be included! Also, be sure to contact me to arrange sending any additional photos that you have of TR 06! Only 49 weeks until.... okay, okay.. maybe a bit premature! We still need cabins though!!

5.21.06 :: No Rain At TR??!
As many of you surely know, a strong storm or tornado warning at TR is something to be somewhat expected. It's certainly never gotten in the way of a good time at TR, but who doesn't prefer the sun on their backs?? In case you haven't been keeping a close eye on the 10 day forcast for Marshall, Indiana... the weekend is looking like it's going to be damn near PERFECT! Last week, there were initial reports of scattered thunderstorms each day, but it looks like those storm predictions have been moved up to this upcoming week making way for clear, sunny skies with temperatures in the mid to upper 80's! Nutz, bring some sun block! 10 Day Forecast

5.13.06 :: Less Than 2 Weeks To Go!
We're in the home stretch! It seems that we've cleared up any uncertainties surrounding TR06 - in particular - transportation. Jovan has been able to secure the old Explorer for the weekend! This solves the problem of transporting the *Official TR Cooler* and some other large items. Julie & I will be driving one car, but we will still need at least 1 additional car to make the trip. Roemer has kindly volunteered, but we may be open to an alternative plan if it makes more sense. Unconfirmed prospective attendees include 2004 Intellectual of the Year, Vince Kus and an unspecified number of new recruits from Councilman, Brian Crissie.

4.29.06 :: Less Than 1 Month To Go!
Can you believe it?? We're officially a few short weeks away from TR06! As always, the list of attendees is nearly confirmed, but still holds some question marks. We have confirmed 1 new attendee this year, and while a few regulars will be missed, there are hot rumors that Roach may attend! Also, as always, the greatest uncertainty this year is transportation. While we may have several cars available to haul people and bags, we are desperately seeking solutions for transporting coolers, beer, the fire & ice grill, etc. The 2006 Schedule of Events is now available and is subject to some fine tuning. But major events listed should be reliable.

4.02.06 :: Fire & Ice Special Edition DVD Finally Ships!!
Nearly 10 months after its intended release, the painful wait is over! Many have already recieved a package containing the covetted disc, which, for those of you who may not know, was delayed primarily because of efforts being made to release the remastered feature and all bonus footage on a single DVD. For those of you who are expecting, but have not yet received your copy, please make sure you've provided me with a current mailing address, as requested last week. Invite your friends and loved ones to view the DVD and share in your great excitement for next month's upcoming festivities!

3.26.06 :: Congratulations to OLAF!
Congratulations are certainly in order for OLAF and his wife Julie who are expecting their first child shortly after TR 06. Understandably, this is going to keep OLAF from attending this year & while his absence will be greatly felt, we all wish him well and look foward to his return at TR 07. We'll also do our best to make up his typical consumption of High Life.

3.04.06 :: Serb Fest History Receives Extensive Updates!
After a year of anticipation, it brings me great pleasure to officially unveil the extensive Serb Fest Archive documenting the history of Serb Fest as far back as 1977 with over 60 photos dating as far back as 1980! Take a moment and realize that some of these photos are older than some of us! (Krangis)... At the very least, we should all take a few minutes, or even hours and appreciate the rich history of this weekend barbeque we affectionately call "TR".


As always, if ANYONE has in their posession or knows of anyone with any additional photos, video footage, etc. from ANY year, please find a way to get them to me and allow them to be properly archived an preserved for future generations!

2.17.06 :: TR Attendees gather for annual Zelenkovich Slava.

Several TR Attendess gathered at Skadalija Restauraunt in Chicago for the annual Slava hosted by the Zelenkovich Family... As expected, anticipation was high for TR 06 as we drank and danced amidst the presence of legends.

2.11.06 :: Announcements
Have you requested Friday May 26th off work yet? Let's face it.. this is becoming more and more of a necessity as the years go by.

For those of you wondering what happened to the DVD release of the Fire & Ice Special Edition, rest assured, the project is still alive. Since it's planned release in May 2005, we have decided to postpone its release in order to have the ability to fit all of the release's content onto a single DVD instead of a feature disc and bonus disc. Final editing and DVD menu creation is scheduled for later this month.

2.07.06 :: Early Attendance Confirmations
The early bird get's the civap! And this year, the early bird is Dave Roemer! Okay, disregard that comment.. but we must not overlook Dave's overwhelming enthusiasm in his recent inquiry about TR 06! He gets the nod as the first confirmed attendee of all those who are not expected to attend. Honorable mention goes to XX who uncharacteristically dialed in the early confirmation as well! Be sure to check out the 2006 preview here>

2.01.06 :: The Season Is Upon Us!
As we tread our way through the month of February, it brings me great pleasure to know that it's never too soon to begin the hype of the upcoming year's trip to Turkey Run! This perhaps may go down as the quickest off season to past in recent memory - for me at least... If you're happening to stumble upon this offseason visit to TROnline.com, make it a habit, because the updates will plentiful in the coming weeks & months! Ziveli!

5.31.05 :: Serb Fest a Success Yet Again!
With TR 05 officially in the books, we can only look back with fond memories and begin the arguous journey of looking foward to TR 06. Relive TR 05 here>

5.22.05 :: Special Edition DVD Nearing Completion!
With less than a week to go, the latest DVD release is very near completion! With over 1/2 hour of Special Features, this DVD is sure not to dissapoint!

5.03.05 :: 2 Unexpeced late additions to the TR 05 Lineup!
Just as we thought the list of attendees was wrapped up it was decided to issue 2 additional invitiations to this year's festivities. It brings me great pleasure to formally announce the confirmation of 1st time attendees Joe Kelley & Dave Roemer. This brings the total of confirmed attendees to 14!

4.18.05 :: DVD Trailer Available For Download!
The wait is over! Download the exclusive trailer for the 'Fire & Ice Special Edition' DVD due out this May!

TR Trailer - Low Res [12.0 MB]
TR Trailer - Hi Res [18.8 MB]

4.13.05 :: 6 Short Weeks To Go!
The particulars of TR 05 are beginning to take shape! I've been accepting formal confirmations from a number of attendees in recent weeks! Consult the "TR is right around the corner" page for details. - Though no great surprises have presented themselves as of yet... 2005 Schedule of Events is now available.

As of last night, hope is STILL ALIVE for the unthinkable dream of taking an RV to Turkey Run this year! The latest update revealed that CR's father needed to call his insurance company to verify whether or not CR would be covered to drive the vehicle. If in fact he is, we'll have one hell of a ride down to TR!

The 'Fire & Ice Special Edition' DVD is making progress. Krangis has chosen to keep its progress extremely tight-lipped but I was recently allowed to preview a trailor that we are attempting to make available via download right here at TROnline! This will surely get the anticipation for Memorial Day to its expected level for this time of year! More details will be coming shortly!

3.19.05 :: More Historical Photos Obtained!
Jovan recently was able to get his hands on a stack of photos that reveal a part of TR's history that has until now only been legend. Last year, we were ecstatic to see photos from as far back as 1985, but we now have photos that date as far back as TR 1980! Most date from the early 80's and others will be added to our collection of mid-90's photos. This will no-doubt help us further appreciate the history and tradition of Serb Fest!

1.29.05 :: A Message From XX
Ladies & Gentlemen, after receiving formal permission from the man himself, it brings me great pleasure to make available to you all a message of inspiration left by none other than XX... Further proof that anticipation for TR 2005 is growing with each passing day!

Message [821 KB]

5.28.08 :: Update: Unfortunately, despite previous permission to make the audio of this message available this past attendee has requested that this file no longer be publically hosted on this website.

1.13.05 :: Editing Begins On TR '04 Video Footage
Its official! Its that time of year again when TR creeps to the front of everyone's minds! With that comes the editing of the previous years video footage. As you may or may not remember, the "Fire & Ice Extravaganza - Special Edition" DVD is slated for a Spring 2005 release. This will include a remastered version of 2004's original DVD release as well as plenty of special features sure to get everyone licking their chops for another great Memorial Day Weekend! And lets not forget an exclusive preview of what we're all in store for in 2006... The next full length documentary that will capture the return of "Serb Fest" to Turkey Run!!

1.07.05 :: TR '05 Could Be A Landmark Year for Transportation!
To our great surprise, it seems as though the Zelenkovich van may make one final trip to TR this year. This is great news for those of us who tend to hold on to the tradition of TR Past. But on a much more exciting note....
How many of us laughed at John for his comment in the Fire & Ice Documentary that "Who knows, maybe someday we will rent an RV"... Well.. ladies & gentlemen, someday may in fact be upon us.. sort of... It was recently announced by our good friend CR that his father had just purchased an RV! CR being as sharp as he is proceded to run the idea of borrowing the RV for Memorial Day Weekend.. for now, he was receptive to the idea.. so we'll keep our fingers crossed! Upon receiving this news, Jovan actually nearly broke down in tears and embraced CR as if they were family.

1.01.05 :: Happy New Years! TR '05 News!!
We have great news to share! Despite Jovan taking his "Fire & Ice" grill to Boston this Fall, thanks to a generous gift from Krangis to Scott, we will once again experience the succulent chicken that is prepared by said grill. On a related note, for all of you that are familiar with Crazy Dan's "grandfather" green cooler with built in bottle opener.... we now have a cooler of similar features & charm.

8.14.04 :: TR Supplies Find A New Home...
As anticipated at TR 04, this past year was believed to be the last year the men would depart from the Zelenkovich Residence in Prospect Heights, IL. A major step was taken today towards confirming this inevitability. The Turkey Run supplies & coolers have officially been transitioned to Scott for an interim year at the Berger Residence in Glen Ellyn, IL. A sad day indeed, but yet another step foward towards the future of Turkey Run.

6.01.04 :: TR ONLINE Updates On The Way!
As I'm sure everyone now knows, the website now has its own official domain found at http://www.turkeyrunonline.com. There are major plans to add several new features, video footage, images, and memories from not only 2004, but from Serb Fests past as far back as 1985! Check back often and I will try to keep everyone posted on major updates and additions to the website!

6.01.04 :: TR '04 Officially In The Books!
The triumphant return of Serb Fest brought everyone's appreciation of Turkey Run to new and exciting levels! Despite a few hang-ups, the weekend was once again a COMPLETE SUCCESS! A great thanks to everyone who contributed to making this year's Serb Fest one for the ages!

Congratulations to this year's newest Councilmen, Brian Kelley & Jeff Berger. You are both important fixtures to the legend of Turkey Run. Special thanks are also in order for those who have reached General Participant status this year: Brian Crissie, Charlie Ruiz, & XX. We look foward to your continued appearances at future TR's.

5.16.04 :: XX Confirms!
In a conference call Sunday afternoon, XX announced his confirmation of attendance in typical XX style! Everyone is looking foward to his return for the first time since TR 1999, the year in which he set the stage for his legend. Brian Crissie has also confirmed attendance and has brought another newcomer to the mix. I am thrilled to have Vince Kus, and old friend of myself, Brian, & XX, on the list of attendees this year.

XX Press Conference [1.5 MB]

5.28.08 :: Update: Unfortunately, despite previous permission to make the audio of this message available this past attendee has requested that this file no longer be publically hosted on this website.

After essentially ruling out ALL possibility of any Hall Of Famers attending TR for the second straight year, Jovan has recieved word that we will indeed be graced by the presence of 4 Hall Of Famers this year at TR! The second annual "Fire & Ice Extravaganza" will be put on hold until further notice (hopefully years down the road) for the return of SERB FEST! Chuckles is currently the only 04 attendee to have only experienced TR with the absence of the older generation of Serbs, so this is sure to be a special year for him. The TR 04 Rookies don't quite understand the significance of this all yet, but one day they will surely appreciate how lucky they were to have their first experience of Turkey Run be a genuine Serb Fest!

4.27.04 :: Attendance Update
No word on XX or Loona, but surprising news includes likely attendance of TR 2000 attendee, Sean Sullivan. Ich & Roach have both respectfully declined for various reasons.

The TR 2004 schedule has been updated to reflect new plans for Turkey Run Eve. All are encouraged to join in the festivities!

4.10.04 :: XX Gives 70% Probability of Attendance!
I received word this week that XX now sees the odds of his attendance this year at OVER 70%. From what it seems, this may in fact even be a conservative estimate! We're hoping he's close to a lock!

3.20.04 :: "Fire & Ice" Prescreening an Emotional Evening For All....
On Friday, March 19th, 2 presreenings of the documentary were held. The first, a private viewing for Jovan, was an emotional 45 minutes... a true culmination of all the agonizing anticipation leading up to the evening. A second screening was held for Nutz and Chuckles later that evening. They too were left in nothing but the highest of spirits after the viewing. We can hardly wait for the rest of the group to join in the experience on May 28th!

3.12.04 :: TR Documentary COMPLETE!
Ten months after Turkey Run '03, after 2 intense months of editing, the highly anticipated TR Documentary is finally complete! Jovan will have a private viewing of the film this Friday before it is ultimately opened up to the rest of the group on May 28th, Turkey Run Eve. We hope that everyone will be able to make the viewing that Friday night at the Zelenkovich Residence in Prospect Heights!

I would like to formally thank Krangis for his tireless hard work and dedication the past 2 months and for keeping an open mind and work together with myself to make this documentary more than any of us could have fathomed 1 year ago.
Scott ::

3.11.04 :: Arpan Confirmed for TR '04!
These are exciting times indeed! With under 75 days until the big weekend, Arpan has confirmed his attendance by purchasing his plane tickets to Chicago for the weekend. Traveling from Raleigh, NC, this will definitely give him the record for furtherst distance traveled for a rookie trip to TR. For those of you unfamiliar with Arpan's past, he has had a running invitation for several years now, but has always been unable to attend due to family obligations. The founding members are thrilled to finally have him aboard this year!

In related news, Rishi, another fellow North Carolina attendee is getting closer to confirmation as negotiations continue to convince him that TR will not interfere with his study schedule for the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed that he will fold under the friendly pressure put upon him!

2.27.04 :: TR '04 Attendance List Taking Shape
The official invitations have been extended to all prospective rookies and hopeful returning attendees as of this week. CR has been confirmed again after having to miss last years festivities. The HIGHLY ANTICIPATED return of XX was taken to a new level yesterday afternoon when I spoke with him. He was unable to give 100% confirmation due to a potential crucial work-related conflict. Details are sketchy at this time, but he did give me his word (and his word is as strong as oak), that he would do everything in his power to attend Turkey Run this Memorial Day. I will keep everyone posted on the outcome.

2 Rookies have nearly been confirmed. Most of you know Arpan, a long time perspective attendee who, upon attendance, will set a new record for furthest distance traveled for their rookie trip to TR, narrowly beating Rishi's record of a year ago. I have also been informed of a new recruit from Jovan. We welcome Chuck "Chuck the Truck" Leto to the TR family. With the sucess of John's recruiting efforts of Rishi and Chuckles last year, and for that matter, of most of us at one point or another, we trust that his judgement will be top notch. On the downside, it appears that Rishi will be unable to return this year to follow up on his Rookie of the Year performance. This, however, does not jeapordize future invitation to TR.

Finally, as always, a sincere effort is being made to convince the elders to join us for what truly could be a historic weekend with their presence. An immediate announcement will indeed be made upon ANY confirmation of thier attendance.

2.27.04 :: TR Documentary Nearing Completion!
The finishing touches are being put on the documentary. I've had the great pleasure of being very involved with the editing process the last 3 weeks. Krangis and I are working hard to assure all of you a mind blowing experience when watching the film. I for one can say that it has FAR exceeded my wildest expectations! May 28th will be a glorious day!

2.01.04 :: TR Documentary Editing Making Progress!
Word has it that the documentary is nearing completion. There has been a strict mid-March deadline put on the project for school related reasons, to ensure a pre-TR 2004 release. I have been privaleged enough to be able to view 2 segments thus far - including "DSD" & "The Drive Down". The wait and anticipation will surely be worth it!

1.09.04 :: TR Dominates Coversation at Slava
The serbs rang in the new year at their annual slava at Skadarlia Restaurant in Chicago. The event brought together generations of TR attendees and made for a great opportunity to bid for the return of the Hall of Famers in '04. While they were reluctant to commit, they were encouraging. Of course, we'd all love nothing more than to have that kind of history in our presence next year at TR.

10.18.03 :: TR 2004 Right Around the Corner!
With Thanksgiving fast approaching, its important to point out the fact that its arrival will mark the approximate half way point to TR 2004! While we count down the days to the next TR immediately following TR each year, it now feels closer than ever! Jovan has prepared a statement. Look for it sometime before TR '04.

Big Shit gets a little "touchy" with the girls...
With the announcement that the girls of Turkey Run had created a website of their
own, Big Shit gave them a piece of his mind.... and while it may have been a bit harsh (mind you, all are on healthy, friendly terms at this point), it still quite humorous. His reponse can be read here.

2004 Schedule of Events Released
The tentative schedule has been released and can be viewed here. Obviously, since it is still early, many things are subject to change.

Turkey Run Online is up and running!
Updates will be made periodically once the site is complete. At that point, TR Online will be the single greatest resource for Turkey Run attendees past, present, and future.

TR Documentary editing underway
Over 11 hours of footage was shot this year at Turkey Run by our friend Krangis. As time permits, editing will be done to create a 30 minute showcase of the weekend's spirit.

Be sure to email any pictures you have from TR to krangis@aol.com.


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